There are different thought that comes to mind What is Halloween, when thinking about Halloween but why did you know Halloween has a different history in different religions how and when did it start?

You probably envision a variety of dancing skulls, spirits, and ghosts dancing throughout, as well as ten-year-old maize and pumpkins. But Halloween’s history begins with a group of Celtic pagans who lived in the Iron Age. Halloween is a holiday that has been observed annually on Oct 31. Halloween is a festival that has been started in the early 18th century. Halloween has different stories and history that how it started and how it became one of the most loved festivals in many countries. Halloween has a very tragic and dark history.

Some people believe that on the day in the ear of New Year’s celebrations ghosts and souls came back into this world and people got scared ad they lock themselves in their houses and even people decorated their houses with different kinds of scary things. When they went out at night they wear ghosts costumes ad wear masks so that ghosts can recognize them. But as we know Halloween has many stories in different countries.

Halloween, also called All Hallows Night, Halloween, or even all Saints Angel, has been celebrated for hundreds of years and was first recognized as a religious holiday. Halloween has originated very dark history with its self that this scary, Halloween is also very famous because it has been started in North America after the harvest festival ad people called it in the Celtic language Samhain and it started after every new year’s eve I also pronounced ( sah-win or sow-in) means summers ended by the Celts.

 What we refer to as the vernal equinox and solstices signaled the beginning of the loving celebration in ancient Germanic and Celtic communities. What is Halloween The holiday began in the Celtic religion in northern countries like Ireland, Britain, and North America and it took quite less time for this festival to take the heart of many people but what it unique is that attracts more and more people every year, and more and more people started celebrating this festival?

It quickly spread into different parts of the world and its origin has many loving different activities that make it more special like costume theme, house decorations, theme parties, scary stories telling, trick-or-treat, and many other activities that took people’s hearts and that make then enjoy this festival and encourages everyone to do something new and interesting every year.

People in America, Britain, Ireland, and many other northern countries love to celebrate this festival entire nation do celebrate this festival and every year many countries announce it fair and event based on Halloween to make their festival more loving and they do celebrate it full of heart and love.

Description Of What Other Countries Think About Halloween 

The Druids celebrated this holiday “with great fire festival to encourage the dimming sun not to vanish” and people “dance round bonfires to keep evil spirits away, but left their doors open in hopes that kind spirits of loved ones might join them around their hearts.

Few Countries that Commonly Celebrate Halloween.

Roman Influence

By 43 AD “Romans conquered the majority of Celtic territory. ‘For 400 years, they occupied Celtic lands, two roman festivals: Feralia (the commemoration of the passing of the dead) and a day to honor Pomona (the roman goddess of fruits and trees). what is Halloween? The apple served as a symbol for Pomona and might have been incorporated into Samhain by the practice of “bobbing for apples”.

Christain Influence

When Christianity came to the British Isles, the church tried to take attention away from these pagan rituals by placing a Christian holiday on the same day. Let’s Talk What is Halloween for The Christian festival, the feast of all saints, acknowledges the saints of the Christian faith in much the same way that Samhain had paid tribute to the pagan gods. The customs of Samhain survived anyway, and eventually became intertwined with the Christian holiday. These traditions were brought to the United States by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland.

Halloween In Mexico

In Mexico, Halloween looks slightly different. While some children still celebrate the American version, the country also has its own “Dia de Los Muertos” (Day of the dead) on the 2nd of November every year.

Countries That Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Many countries don’t celebrate this festival for them what is Halloween? from the beginning like India, Pakistan, China, and Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries believe in Halloween but now many countries people have shown interest celebrated this breed this festival we do wants to this rate this amazing and loving festival.

Day by day many people get attracted to this festival and started believing in stories of Halloween. So which story about Halloween we can say is really what can be learned and what we add to our list to make Halloween more special for us? We can add more interesting facts about Halloween to make it more thrilling and loving.