Advertisement procedures

We Accept the direct method of advertisement like google advertisement, the google provides a proper workstation for ad making and then they approve posts upon including restrictions, thereby, there is a low chance to get approval in case your post has inappropriate or any google policy breaking messages as on, so the best wishes quotes provide you directly advertisement with us without any restrictions.

The advertisement process includes the applicants having to provide their logo, image and video related to their advertisement, and we are running events and occasion stuff related websites along with good traffic on the website so applicants can direct avail through advertisement with us.

Advertisement content acceptable

  • Educations
  • Gaming
  • Song
  • Trade
  • Food
  • Home Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Jewelleries
  • Cloths
  • Car
  • Shoes

For more categories contact us.

Size of Advertisement Banner

  • 468 x 60
  • 728 x 90
  • 336 x 280
  • 300 x 250
  • 250 x 250
  • 160 x 600
  • 120 x 600
  • 120 x 240
  • 240 x 400
  • 234 x 60
  • 180 x 150
  • 125 x 125
  • 120 x 90
  • 120 x 60
  • 88 x 31

About Our Vision

Find the best wishes for your occasion, whether it’s a birthday or special day of beloveds, an anniversary of your beloved, here you’ll get so many quotes along with the adorable image which is decorated as suited events and major purpose of this website convenience to visitors where they can avail by wishes & quotes, there are so many quotations which are perfectly suited to occasions.

A passionate and unforgettable phrase might be used to wish somebody the finest. You may modify the quotation to match your specific needs or circumstances. You may also make their personal quote to convey your heartfelt best wishes with your own unique style. In any case, it’s a good complement to anything else you provide in your letter. If you’re ever the recipient of a best wishes card, try these thank you letter ways to help you discover the proper emotion.