The entire heaven lies under the feet of a mother, a very famous person has said these words with respect to mothers. 100+ Happy birthday wishes for a mother A mom is one who takes care of her child from birth to the last day of her life.


Dear mother, you are the most beautiful blessing in the world which I got from God, nothing can take your place in my life, a mother is a unique and special person in the life of every child. I am so lucky to have you. A very happy birthday to you my dear most cute mom.
Many many happy returns of the day to the person who has always cared about me and my little things. She is the backbone of my family. My lovely mother. I know I cannot treat you the way you deserve but yeah I will give my best to fulfill all your wishes in life, have a happy year ahead.
Your womb is the place where God has created me, I have felt so very secure there, and as in life due to your existence, I feel so protective. I want to give you a lot of wishes and love. Because today is your special day. I wish you will be happy and healthy always in life. Many many happy returns of the day to you my lovely mother. 
Due to your love and care. I have become such a complete man. Your love of motivating me and not looking to the failures was the main support for me. And I love the way you have put your efforts into me. I am very glad you have a mother like you, a very happy birthday to my main pillar of the house, my dear mother. I wish for your health and happiness in life.
Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Mother, for my day, I just wanted to take a moment, and thanks to you for both the nice appearance and the love.
I'm really fortunate to get a mom like you for my marvelous mom. Happy birthday! Happy birthday! You want your life to be loved and happy.
Mom, your valuable guidance has guided us safely through life. Your words are my direction and the most priceless thing for me would be your love. Now, it's a chance to thank you for all U do for me. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy.
I cherish our special relationship, and on this particular day, I share with love and joy. Best Wishes dear Mother. Happy Birthday, dear Mother.
Toward the woman who always brought us the best or saw mine at least, whatever I did. Happy birthday. Best wishes. Glad.
Have a fantastic day today and a nice year future. Happy birthday. Best wishes. Cheerful.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, Celebrate your vacation each minute and wait until tomorrow to see that you get older. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Joyful.
Good morning, Mama! Blissful birthday! I want you to know that without you, I'm nothing, but by my side, I could be all with you. Love you! Love you! Love you!
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother. Only a great mother can do it all and look great every day! Blessed birthday to a mother who continues to grow younger.
I'd be totally jealous of whoever her kid was if you weren't my mother. Mom, you are fantastic. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy.
I want to say to you, Mom - I give you the "best mom of year" prize each year. Nobody can draw near to your route of winning. Our great mother's Happy Birthday.
Mom, there's nobody in my heart that can take your job. I am so fortunate that throughout this globe I've found the best mommy. You are always going to stay for me as the first mother, no matter how distant from U I am.
I constantly greet you every time I wake. You had given a lot of your flawless guidance, your soul, your love, and your tenderness. You love me without reservation. You always want best wishes to their gorgeous mother.
Today is the day I pledge that I will not cause the problems that I have caused for the rest of the year. Enjoy a quiet birthday because someday you never know what I can do. Only sweetheart. You are incredible! You are incredible! I promise, I'm going to be good.
It's like chocolate birthdays. It's preferable not to count the number and enjoy what much you have. Happy Mom Birthday I've known.
I hope you appreciate the crisp, fresh air of the bright sunshine and enjoy the sound of the song of the chirping birds this morning. May the glad and distinct joy that you offer to our existence be as vivid every dawn of this fresh year. Good morning, mom. Blissful birthday.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, I would like to express again, for your birthdays, how very much I respect and did for me everything that you do. Thanks. Best wishes. Congratulation. Enjoy.
The best mommy within the world has plenty of flowers, but just one of the world's finest moms. You are, and you receive an email! Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, mother. Happy birthday, mommy. Next year, let's spend much more time with but I like you close to me.
I hope your birthday is filled with chocolates and joy. Without each other, how about one? Happy birthday.
Nobody else is able to take your place in my heart. I'm very fortunate I discovered the world's best mom.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, U is a terrific mother because all you can do is look amazing every day! For a woman who's becoming younger.
You are my heavenly sweetheart, Mother. And you are the force that allows me ever to fight all the odds. My mummy's going to want a birthday.
A very happy birthday to my dear blessing, because of your care and love I am here today, it was you who have made food for me in late nights, I love your advice on career and the way you teach me in brilliant. I am the luckiest boy in this world who has got a mother who is so intelligent. A very blessed birthday gain.
In my entire life, you have availed me all the things which I need, and a lot of thanks to you for the patience you have while I was studying and building my career, it was your hard work on me by which I was able to learn the very deep lessons of life. Today is your birth anniversary and I am going to give you a very special cake which is made by me. Please enjoy your day with us and be happy and healthy in life.
Today is your happy birthday and I am going to make a very special thing for you, I know I cannot make your day so special as you have made mine, but yeah I can do my best in the same direction. So now today a very happy birthday to you. I will cook a very huge cake today. And then we will go outside. Now enjoy your day and feel very happy.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! You light the candles on my dessert every day I remember. Thank you for everything you did, and this is my chance to re-establish my favor.
you've been my strength, always helping me combat my life's odds. I really love U.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, throughout the end I want everything I can to reach adulthood like you. I wish U a good birthday, and that's all your instruction I have now become.

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I'm happy I could end up giving something forward out of all the birthdays you spent with me. For all you've accomplished in me, I'll be eternally grateful.
Ma, throughout the past I want to start growing up like u. Send your son a lot of love. Happy birthday, mother. Happy birthday, mommy.
I know that you've had everything in the world, so it's good health and long years to be with your kids and grandkids if there is one item I'd like you to desire.
It's like chocolate birthdays. We should not count how so many of them you have. You should maybe enjoy it. Happy birthday, mother. Happy birthday, mommy.

Her teachings are the principles of her son’s child. 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother A baby is nothing without its mother. here is below Happy Birthday Mom Shayari in English, When a boy or a girl is born their mother stops living her life for herself but starts living for their children.

A mother teaches her child how to walk, how to eat, and all the small but basic things of life. She fights with people for their children.

Happy Birthday Mom Shayari in English

Happy Birthday Mom Shayari in English, That is why she is also called a protector of her babies. This is a god-gifted quality that we see in a mother. 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, and on their special day.


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother is a one who can give her entire life in order to make her child a perfect one, and I am very lucky to get a mother in life. You have made me a perfect person. It was you who made my problems very easy. Thanks for all the support and care which you have given me so far. And many many happy returns of the day to you my dear.
A very happy and blessed birthday to you my dear mother, today I wish that all your wishes will come true and you will receive a lot of happiness and love in life.
Today I am going to celebrate the birthday of a very special person,a person who has always given me a lot of wishes and importance in life. No one in this world can replace her. She is no one but my dear mother, a very happy and blessed birthday to you. Hope you will live 1000 more years with a lot of happiness.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother. On your special day today, I pray that you will get a lot of happiness and calm in your entire life. I cannot match your stage of care even though I will spend my entire life in your care. A very happy birthday to you mom.
A mother’s love is made of sacrifices and calmness in nature even in day-to-day living. Thank you very much to my dear mom for sacrificing so much for me. Just because of your sacrifices, today I have become what I wanted to be. I love you! And many many happy returns of the day to you.
Christ no longer makes angels like you. With happiness and inner tranquility may you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, mother. Happy birthday, mother.
Blissful Mother's Birthday But I can be all along about you, I would like you to understand that I am nothing without you. Love you.
Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, nothing I'm telling ya is ever going to be enough. I can respect you in that environment, and I know you're never going to leave me. I just adore u mother. I love you. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy.
Everybody in this family is extremely fortunate that they have you in their lives, because God no longer makes angels like you Mom, happy birthday. Happy birthday.
U as a mom is more than just a blessing. Your child is an honor and pride. Blessed birthday, Mother! Happy birthday! I am very happy with you. I am so proud of you.
Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, maybe you will have the fullest pleasure of their occasion. Do not worry about something.
A really joyful birthday.
Good morning, Mom. May God bless you on this green planet each moment, each minute of each and every hour of each day.
Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, I'm very fortunate enough to have a mother like you. Happy birthday beautiful and nice mum, you are my dearest friend.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, there's nobody in my heart that really can take your job.
I am extremely fortunate….I discovered the world's best mother!
Good MOM birthday! Happy MOM birthday.
Nobody can get even closer to your ways, Mom. Mother.
Blessed are my great mother's birthdays.
You're my angel, Mother.
On just this great day, my warm greetings.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday.
Mum, I want all I can do over the next few days, I can grow up like you.
It is all your instruction for which I'm now the person, I wish you a nice birthday.
I constantly appreciate you every time I wake up!!
You are the one who loves me without reservation.
You're still my delightful mother, wishing you a happy birthday.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, you are my strength, which always helps me overcome my life's odds.
Bday I love you and.
Mom, your wonderful guidance has taken me securely throughout life.
My direction is thy word and my affection is the most valuable thing for me.
Happy birthday. - Happy birthday.
Mom, I'd like to thank you for holding on to my trust.
When everyone else gave up, all you could do was lead me.
Have an amazing day.
Blessed Mother's birthday..
No velvet is just as smooth as that of the lap of a mom, no blossom as precious than her face, nor road as fragrant as her footsteps.
I am grateful for your unmissable contribution to my life on this occasion.
Thank you, mother! Thank you. Thank you.
And you'd want a Very……
A lot of shit Love never ever wrath To teach me to help When I was sad, every grin
It means Mom to elevate me to be strong.
Thank you very much for your support.
Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, is God's greatest gift to all human beings whether or not they believe that is the true Queen that protects her child.
Bonjour Bonn Mother symbolizes more than flowers and donations Thank you so much, that means, I adore you, you're my mother, my friend. It's your day today.
To be an old mother is a really difficult job, but for Mum I know, I adore you, Mother. I adore you.
A Lady who brought us love, sacrifice, is Mom, nourished by a Miracle of Life.
A remembrance once A tear Held near me and loved me, Thanks, Mother dear. I adored you.
Would you like to have a good birthday?
A guy really loves his love, his wife the finest, but his mom the most. The oldest.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother, Means on your mother’s birthday, every child wants to do something very special with 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, and the main thing which makes your mother’s whole day is a unique and beautiful wish to her/ so in this article we will suggest to you some of the most uncommon happy birthday wishes for mothers.


My dear Mom, you are a person who inspires people. You’re bold, kind-hearted, incredible, as well as wise. A very big thank you for everything that you have done for me so far. I promise to love you even until the day of my death. And last but not the least, a very blessed and happy birthday to you.
Dear lovely Mother, I hope that when you will look back in time to this day, you will recognize a lot of happiness and love, you have a very special place in my life which no one can replace! I always care for you and love you so much. On this birthday today, I wish that all your wishes come true and you will always be happy and safe always.
My lovely mom, thanks you for giving me so many years full of love and affection. From teaching me how to walk to learning and making me a graduate, in your list of priorities you have put me on the first level. Thank you for all the things and please know that I love you very much. A very happy birthday to you.

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Hey Mom, you’re surely a highflier. You have not only completed your responsibility of motherhood but also you are a very good friend of mine whom I can share all my secrets with. I really appreciate all your support, love as well as care which you have given me so far. I really love you so much, wish you a very happy birthday!
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother, Wishing the most beautiful and selfless mother of the world a happy birthday. You are becoming successful in business cos of your efforts, perseverance, and unshakable faith. You're nothing short of God for us.
Even superman is ashamed of his capacity to handle everything without breaking a sweat. Seriously, Mom, do you have an inagotable source of energy inside? The most enthusiastic mother in the world's happiest birthday.
You are nicer than a Santa Claus than a soft toy, you have a selfless and endless heart like God. You are the strongest lady I've ever seen. Her sweet mom's happy birthday! Nobody like you is there.
On just this wonderful birthday you deserved nothing else than my beautiful embraces, caresses, affection. Mother, you're my life. A happy birthday, I wish you well.
You are the one person with whom I disclose all about my life, of all of the people that are quite near to me. I love you back to and out of the moon, and I'm never going to let you down. Let's hold a baby birthday party! Her lovely mother's happy birthday.
It was only you, dear mom if someone earns all the credit for my accomplishment and fortune. For me, you're the whole universe. Mine life has no significance with love, affection, respect, and presence. Welcoming to supermom's happiest birthday.
A very Happy birthday to the most cool person in my life, my super hero my dear mother. A very big thanks for all of your sacrifices – from taking care of me during my childhood to raising me and making me a complete man. May your day be as special as you are and you will receive a lot of love and happiness in your life.
You could be the only woman I know who blinked at me and fascinated me. Happy birthday for my world favourite person May Lord gives me the strength to make you always proud
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother. In order to honor your contributions and successes evermore, I wish you at minimum 10 times per year. You deserve the world's love, gladness and luxury Wish our wonderful mommy a happy birthday
Those who deserved not just the most lovely birthday wish but also respect and freedom to achieve all you want in life. It's your turn to rise, shine and live your ambitions you have done a lot for us. Her wonderful mother's happy birthday
You're the everlasting wellspring of love, knowledge, and wisdom for me, my beloved mother. You are undoubtedly the most ghostly blessing in my life. May I be as kind and disinterested as you are? Wish my lovely mother a birthday.
I hope that, as you have received for decades, they expect to deliver love, tolerance and blessing for everyone. Your maternal warmth is none other than none. Her lovely mother's happy birthday.
Blessed is our always happy and generous Mother's birthday. I can obviously remember all of the innumerable lovely memories I shared with you. Throughout the globe let's hold a good birthday party.
I love you from my whole heart and I can do everything to put a big smile on your face. May your maternal love and love continue to flourish until the end. Blessed mother of birthday, relish the utmost of your day.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother. For every child, you are the perfect model. The only reason I have managed to bring out huge success and remarkable achievements in life is your consistent support. I wish my lovely mum a happy birthday.
Finally, the day is filled with binge-eating, unending giggles, and surprises. Mother, your birthday is for us the best day of the year because we feel fully alive and hypocritical. Oh, sweet mother's happy birthday.
Nothing in mine life should go out of your plan as long as you've got my hands. Your simple presence is the most important aspect in mine life's successes. Her lovely mother's happy birthday. Stay holy. Stay holy.
Let me take a time off my dreadfully crazy agenda to want a good birthday for mine sweeter than that of the sugar mum. You have been showering me each day since infancy as blessings. Thank you the all time for the neck. Happy birthday. - Happy birthday.
The birthday celebration becomes more now and cooler with plenty of amazing memories with every passing birthday. Can you do as much as it deserves or gain more? I wish my eternally beautiful mother a birthday.
100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for a Mother. On your day, it's an absolute special, I want to tell you that you are the best darn mom a child could ask for. May your joyful anniversary be an enjoyable event Blessed Mother's Birthday
To make our lives flawless and look after us, Mother, I never forget your sacrifices and give you as much as you anticipate, you have put down your goal & worked diligently to give us the event as well as the comfort of life Good birthday for my greatest life lady.
Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother, Upon your lovely face and there's nothing more precious with me than this proud smile. Can not let go of your smile. Blessed is my Mother's Birthday.
I know that I don’t say that I love you but still from my behavior you can understand what I want to say to you. You are a mother and you are well aware of my actions like when I want to say I love you I start cooking food and helping you in work. I know sometimes I create a mess in your work, but I know you still appreciate what I do for you, so today is your very special day and I am going to make this day a very beautiful memory! Wishing you a best happy birthday.
Dear mother, I want to give you a lot of wishes on your happy birthday today, as you have shown a lot of blessings upon me so far. I still remember how you were when I came late from school for the first time. And you were continuously calling the school staff and asking them where my daughter is. I also remember how you have taught me about the principles of life and also taught me so many good things like honesty, kindness and most importantly good manners. I cannot match your love and support but yeah I will wish that god will give you a lot of happiness and good health also, my prayers will always be with you, a very happy birthday my dear. I will never leave you.
Nobody in the world understands me too though as you do. How can you always capture my thoughts? You age like excellent wine, by the way. You age. Oh beloved mum, have a spectacular birthday celebration.
I'm really fortunate about having a mother, like you, who lives once in a while. I am inspired by the eagerness to experience life. Her beautiful mother's Happy Birthday! You look more gorgeous than ever before.
Every little accomplishment I have today, darling beautiful Mother, due of your hard work, your unfailing trust and your unconditional support. With every each year you are becoming gorgeous, wiser, and wise. Happy to my lovely mum, Happy birthday.
I am very thankful to God again for fact that I have made you my mother. This place should not be lived in there without you. My amazing mom's birthday.
The reason I love it as much as my birthday is because we all eat the most delicious foods which even transcend the cuisine of the best restaurants. Blessed birthday to the person who is to be no less than God.
When I get under your wonderful maternal heat, I completely forget all my fears and stresses. May God never cease to bestow on your life every blessing. My beautiful mother wishes you a happy and unforgettable birthday.
Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother, Thank you very much Mother for being my strong defense while the whole world tried to put me down. Nothing will ever prevent me from accomplishing my goals as long as you stand before me. Good afternoon to my always-beautiful mommy.
Also a super iron and honcho in the business world, is the happiest birthday. Even your remarks can surprise and shake the entire business world. That's what you do. My gorgeous parents come back many happy times.
You could only laugh at my sill-jokes, identify my weaknesses and spoil me as if I were the prince of the world. You are my spiritual guide and the greatest rescuer. You're Gods to me more so than mom. Mother, Happy birthday.
You're the most fabulous, mysterious, and yet loving woman I've ever seen by spring and border. May you always be frightful and blessed wildly. Blessed birthday for my awesome mommy.
In addition to playing properly that role of an excellent entrepreneur, you play so beautifully the part of a mother. How can you always be so perfect?? May you continue to rise, shine, and set new standards. Her glorious mother's happy birthday.
Time and tide are not waiting for anyone but my cute mum's sweet grin. On this wonderful day, may God give all his love and prosperity in her life. Hey Mother, happy birthday.